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Information about data processing at Diving 2000

Of course, and our secondary companies respect your privacy, and we want to be open about the information we store, how it is used and when it is deleted.

In connection with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have introduced a new action, which you can read more about here.

We never share your data.

Let us start by making it absolutely clear that we could never sell or pass on our valuable customer information to other companies other than the one we have a data processing agreement with.


Terms & Conditions

We have made a few corrections to our terms and conditions:

Data processing agreements
To our customers, i.e., you, there is no need to draw up data processing agreements, as we are data controllers and not data processors. Internally, of course, we have compiled records of customer data and personnel data.

You have the right to deletion
You may be deleted from our systems at any time if all deliveries and payments are completed. However, we need to maintain student (Diving Courses held within the framework of PADI) data for 7 years from the certification date, as this is required by PADI's quality control.

You can delete yourself from our newsletter at any time here

Director & Data Controller
Jan Laurenborg Olsen

Mail: [email protected]



Information about data processing at Diving 2000 A/S.

Diving 2000 A/S is the data controller for the processing of the personal data that you have provided to us. Our contact information is provided below:


Diving 2000 A/S

Asylgade 16

5000 Odense

CVR: 11806244

Phone: +45 66130049

E-mail address: [email protected]


All personal information recorded with Diving 2000 A/S is stored in a safe manner. They are not disclosed or sold to third parties at any time. The information is only available to trusted employees as well as freelancers at Diving 2000 A/S.

Below we disclose the purposes for which we collect, data process and store personal data about you when you make online purchases on our webshop, apply for loans for purchase from us (online or physically in-store), take a diving course with us, register in our tour calendar or have a subscription to our electronic newsletters.


No personal information recorded at Diving 2000 A/S will at any time be transferred, sold or made available to third parties. All information is stored in a safe manner and is only available to trusted employees of Diving 2000 A/S.

In connection with any electronic payment, a secure encrypted method is used through the Webshop system. It is an approved provider with the approval of the E-label.

The shop system uses so-called cookies to control the contents of the shopping cart. A cookie is just the term for a file stored on your own PC. It is also possible to ask the system to store its own address information for the next visit. If you wish to delete this information at a later date, this can be done through your browser settings. For example, in Internet Explorer, this is done through the "Tools" menu and the "Internet Options" menu item.

During a purchase, we request information about


  • Your name,
  • Your address,
  • Your phone number and
  • Your email address.

This information is used solely for the processing of the order. The information is transmitted and stored electronically in an unencrypted form and stored for 5 years. The "contract" itself (the purchase agreement) is not stored at Diving 2000 A/S in such a way that you can later log in and view/change the status.

In addition, we record the IP address from which any purchases are made. The information usually does not apply, but can be used in a possible police investigation. All false orders are reported to the police!

We provide information on the Personal Data Act at the request of registered data and on the basis of any objections, we will delete to the extent desired.

Diving 2000 A/S is the data controller. The Director and sales staff of Diving 2000 A/S have access to the information that is recorded about you.

Before placing a final order, you will be asked to read and accept our Terms of Trade and Delivery, which also state this "Information about data processing at Diving 2000 A/S". With your consent, you consent to you having received this information and are informed of the purpose of the personal data collected.

Diving 2000 A/S uses cookies on and sub-domains. We use these cookies to optimize speed, ease of use and to display the products that each user is interested in. When using cookies, we do not collect personal data.


When you sign up for a diving course at Diving 2000 A/S, we ask you to provide information about the information below: