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Diving Suits

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There are many different types of diving suits, and which one you need depends on various factors. Besides your size, it is also important to know the conditions you'll be using the suit under. Will you be diving in cold or warm water? Will you be snorkeling or doing technical diving? Will you be using the suit frequently or only occasionally?/p>

The most common suit for diving here in Denmark is a 7 mm wetsuit or a suit with a similar thickness. If you dive a lot and want to dive year-round, you will probably need a drysuit in the winter months.

If you are diving abroad, you should investigate the climate and water temperature to determine how thick your wetsuit should be. For example, if you are going to the Red Sea in winter, you will need a 5 mm full suit. If you are going to the Maldives or Fiji, you can get by with a 3 mm short-sleeved and short-legged suit.

For snorkeling in warmer countries, you rarely need more than a 3 mm short-sleeved suit since you will primarily stay on the surface and won't get as cold.

If you need a wetsuit for children, please check our children's suits section..


Here is an overview of our general recommendations, but since people are different, there can naturally be deviations from these. Call us at +45 66130049 if you are unsure about which diving suit suits your needs!

Diving in Denmark - summer approx. 15-20 degrees: 7 mm wetsuit

Diving in Denmark - winter approx. 0-15 degrees: drysuit

Snorkeling in Denmark - summer: 3 mm wetsuit - full suit / 3 mm shorty

Snorkeling in Denmark - winter: 2-piece 7 mm wetsuit

Diving in 20-25 degrees: 5 mm wetsuit

Snorkeling in 20-25 degrees: 3 mm shorty

Diving in 25+ degrees: 3 mm wetsuit - full suit / 3 mm shorty

Snorkeling in 25+ degrees: 3 mm shorty / no suit

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