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Swimming goggles

On this page you will find our selection of goggles in delicious quality. Our goggles sit comfortably and close to the face, and they are suitable for swimming and free diving. You will also find nose clips, which prevent you from getting water in your nose when you swim or free dive.

Further down the page you can read more about our selection of goggles for children and adults.

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Swimming goggles for swimming and free diving

At Diving 2000 you will find swimming goggles that are suitable for outdoor and indoor swimming and free diving. Swimming goggles differ from diving goggles by being smaller, more streamlined and without enclosing the nose.

If you want to keep your nose closed, you can choose to buy a nose clip in addition to the goggles. Nose clamps are used especially by freedivers, as they help with the pressure equalization during the dive.

If you prefer to have your nose completely enclosed, you should instead choose diving goggles with a nose. You can see our selection of diving goggles with nose here.

On this page you will also find swimming goggles with prescription lenses. These glasses are made to order, and therefore you should expect 2-3 days of delivery in addition to the delivery time already specified.

Choose quality goggles in silicone for the perfect fit

The goggles you find on this page are made in high quality. The skirt, which fits snugly against the skin, is made of 100% silicone, which provides a tight and comfortable fit and keeps the water out of the glasses.

The lens in the glasses is made of acrylic glass. Unlike tempered glass, acrylic glass is malleable. This means that the glasses get a streamlined profile that follows the swimmer's face. In addition, the lens is prepared with anti-fog treatment that prevents fog in the glasses during swimming.

How to test that the goggles fit your face

When you receive your new goggles, you should test whether it fits your face before taking it for a swim. It is easy to check how the glasses fit you. Here's how you do it:

Place the glasses on the face without using the masking strap.

Press the glasses against the face. When you do this, a vacuum should be created so that the glasses stick to your face.

The glasses should be able to sit on their own without support for up to 10 seconds before it slowly releases. Can the goggles pass this test, you know it fits your face.

Need guidance? Contact us!

Do you need guidance in choosing the right goggles for you or your child?

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