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How to find the right scuba equipment?

Choosing your very first set of scuba diving equipment may be confusing. So, how to make sure to choose right the first time? Buying your scuba equipment at Diving2000 is beneficial because you have the opportunity to be coordinated on your decisions through the entire process.

One thing to be sure of is the fact that we exclusively sell diving equipment of top quality. Of course, there are individual needs for the scuba equipment. This includes the best possible fitting as well as prioritizing the necessary equipment for your needs. It'll depend on the primary locations in the world that you're planning your dives. In Diving2000 we are capable of guiding you no matter your needs. With more than 25 years of experience in the diving business, you will be safe with our recommendations.

Another important thing to have in mind is, that having your own equipment is more desirable, pleasant and safer. As well as way cheaper in the long run. Investing in scuba diving equipment yourself is relatively expensive when kick-starting diving. Yet renting all the equipment when you're going diving will eventually be a great amount of money. Not to forget that you'll never be guaranteed to get rental equipment that is comfortable and fits you perfectly. This means risking always having to adapt the amount of weight, getting used to a different buoyancy in each of the various BCDs and renting a mask which is not fitting you correctly. All these factors are just disturbing your dive.

Contact Diving2000 on 66130049 or [email protected]. You'll also find a chatting window in the right down corner. We'll gladly help you pick the right scuba diving equipment!

Beneath you may read more about the variety of brands we put out for sale.

Diving equipment

Scuba equipment at Diving2000

You are guaranteed top quality when buying your scuba equipment at Diving2000. We stand by our selection of products in the shop by 100 % and you can call us immediately when in need of help. There are 1-2 days delivering period and of course, the right of return is 14 days.


Scubapro is one of our preferred brands. Scubapro manufactures an amazing series of masks/snorkels/fins; well known for being one of the only on the field manufacturing prescription dive masks, of course named the Zoom mask. In the remaining series of scuba equipment, Scubapro produces some great BCDs and wetsuits. Among others is the Black Jac XP BCD which we, without doubt, recommend for new divers as well as returning customers.

Scubapro/Uwatec is also one of our preferred brands. The regulator set from Scubapro has an extremely long-range and will not fail because of its patented freeflow-system. This system makes sure there will always be giving air to you no matter what happens with the regulator. Besides regulator sets, you will find Scubapro producing some really great BCDs, wetsuits, fins, and dive computers. Among others is the popular Uwatec Galileo Sol with integrated heart rate monitor, digital compass, hoseless air integration, and many other features.

We also have great and well-established cooperation with Waterproof. Especially drysuits, hoods, gloves and other accessories for dive suits are particularly popular and so absolute world-class equipment. Amount others the American FBI uses its iconic and innovative D1 drysuit.

Recently we started selling products from Apeks regulators. Apeks is manufacturing scuba equipment in the highest quality and outstanding design. Apeks regulators for scuba diving are one of the best on a global scale with extraordinary qualities in the water.


As always Suunto delivers amazing dive computers that can be corrected for each diver individually. You can get Suunto dive computers in many different price categories and variants. The top quality is similar for all Suunto dive computers. Like a supercomputer for technical diving, Suunto now delivers the Helo2 dive computer.


PADI is our collaborator relating to dive courses and course materials. We are educating in relation to PADI's recognized educating system which is mainly focussing on safety when diving. You can use this certification in the entire world.