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Choice of spearguns depends greatly on your experience as an underwater hunter and, of course, what you want to catch. A beginner makes the best purchase by choosing a medium-sized speargun, as it is easier to handle in the water. Spearguns come in sizes ranging from 45 cm to 110 cm, and as a beginner, you should choose between 50 cm to 65 cm.

The use of spearguns for spearfishing is one of the most environmentally friendly and gentle ways of fishing. They are silent and do not release bubbles, making it easier to sneak up on the prey without being detected.

In general, the shorter the speargun, the easier it is to handle. In return, you get more power in your shots and can shoot farther if you choose a longer speargun.
But no matter which speargun you choose, like all other diving equipment, it needs to be maintained to function optimally. Usually, it's just a matter of rinsing it with fresh water after use.

The speargun is a hunting tool powered by either rubber bands or compressed air. There are also gas-powered spearguns, but these are not allowed in Denmark.

Pneumatic Spearguns

Pneumatic spearguns are pumped up with 20-40 pumps, and then you have air for many shots. They are easy to carry underwater, easy to handle, and the smaller models can even be held with one hand. Common to most pneumatic spearguns is that they can shoot relatively forcefully. However, on most models, there is an option to regulate the shooting power.

Band Spearguns

Band spearguns are highly suitable for all skill levels. Not only for beginners but also for the very experienced and demanding underwater hunters. The system itself is very simple, so you can repair and replace all parts yourself at a low cost. The system can tolerate sand everywhere, and you don't have to worry about emptying the cylinder of pressure before any air travel. And finally, there's also the price. Band spearguns are often cheaper than pneumatic spearguns. No matter which of the two types you choose, avoid switching between them. The way you aim and shoot is very different. And if you switch between the two, it will often be difficult to achieve stable accuracy. So EITHER rubber bands OR compressed air.

Diving 2000 is a distributor of spearguns from renowned brands like Omersub, Riffe & Beuchat. Beuchat is a popular brand among many underwater hunters, and Riffe is a very unique brand that is known for excellent spearguns made of teak wood, suitable for both beginners and professionals. Beuchat also offers a lightweight carbon speargun that significantly reduces water resistance.
Feel free to visit the store and take a closer look at our selection of spearguns if you are unsure about what to get. Or call us at +45 66 13 00 49.


UV hunter with speargun and camouflage suit

Which speargun should you choose?

At Diving 2000, we understand the importance of the right equipment when it comes to spearfishing. Which speargun should you choose? This versatile tool allows you to catch a wide variety of fish, from cod, flatfish, trout, tongues, etc.

Whether you are an experienced spearfisher or a beginner, we have the perfect speargun for you. Your choice of speargun should reflect your personal style and hunting location. With our wide assortment, you can be sure to find the ideal match.

For those who love to explore the shallow waters near our coast, you should choose a speargun under 750 mm. They are easy to handle and make it easier to reach into the tightest areas. On the other hand, if you prefer and have experience in catching trout, the most common speargun choice is one around 75 - 90 cm. It provides you with greater accuracy, and a large speargun typically has more powerful rubber bands.

Beuchat spearguns are a special favorite at Diving 2000. They offer various models that differ in the speargun's tube materials, rigidity, and how nose-heavy the individual speargun is.

At Diving 2000, we value not only performance and equipment but also discretion. Therefore, we have included models like the Marlin Elite Red Line, designed to minimize operational noise underwater, especially during firing or when hitting rocks.