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Underwater hunting: From ancient tradition to new and exciting hobby

Underwater hunting is also called UV hunting and has existed since man thousands of years ago began to free dive for fungi, mussels and squid. In Denmark, UV hunting is no longer necessary for survival - but that does not mean that you can not still go underwater hunting.

Underwater hunting is a fun, exciting and different way to catch fish, mussels and other animals below sea level. Whether you hunt while snorkeling or scuba diving does not matter - the joy of the catch is just as great.

Find the right equipment for underwater hunting here

At Diving 2000, we offer a large selection of equipment for underwater hunting. There is a lot of equipment that is important to have with you when you go on a UV hunt.

In Denmark, the water is never very hot. If you are planning to go UV hunting here, it is therefore a really good idea to get yourself a wetsuit.

In addition, you will need a hand spear, a knife or a harpoon to catch the fish and mussels you are hunting. It can also be a good idea to invest in a fishing rod or a fishing net so that you have a place to do what you catch.

Last but not least is the buoy. When you lie below the surface, it is impossible for the surrounding boat traffic to see you. Therefore, it is very important that you bring a buoy so that everyone on the surface can see where you are.

The buoy also has the advantage that it is possible to choose a fish holder that can be attached to the buoy, so you do not have to carry your catch yourself.

Make sure you know the rules before you go UV hunting

It is not difficult to get permission to go underwater hunting. All you need is a fishing license. You can get a fishing license here.

However, be aware that UV hunting is not allowed everywhere. If you hunt underwater in places where it is forbidden, or if you catch protected species, you may risk getting a boat of up to DKK 50,000. Therefore, it is very important to always check the local rules before you go UV hunting.

Once you have made sure you are in control of the rules and you have the equipment you need, you are ready to go hunting. Enjoy!

Worth knowing about harpoons

Do harpoons require a gun permit?

Weapons permit is usually required for weapons using cartridges. The two types of harpoons we carry in the shop here do not require a gun permit.

However, you must be over 18 years of age to own and use a harpoon. You must also be in possession of a fishing license before going underwater hunting.

How should a harpoon be maintained?

Compressed air harpoons must be treated like a real firearm. This means that they must be oiled and lubricated after use.

Elastic harpoons simply need to be rinsed in fresh water after use. They are therefore simpler to maintain than compressed air harpoons.

Should you choose an elastic harpoon or a compressed air harpoon?

We usually recommend elastic harpoons for beginners. They are easy to use and maintain, and it therefore provides the best experience if you do not have that much experience with harpoons.

We recommend compressed air harpoons for more experienced harpoon hunters and for scuba divers, as compressed air harpoons take up less space and are easier to carry. However, they require a bit more maintenance than elastic harpoons.

What size harpoon should you choose?

The more experience you have, the longer harpoon you can basically choose. However, the size of your harpoon also depends on the waters you venture into.

In cloudy water, a small harpoon is preferable, while a long harpoon is recommended for water with good visibility. You can read more about choosing length under harpoons.