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In-depth with Garmin Descent Dive Computer

In 2017, Garmin released its first fully-integrated dive computer, the Garmin Descent MK1. Since then, the development has picked up pace, and today you'll find a wide range of dive computers with smartwatch and sport tracking functions, all under the same series - Descent. Diving2000 has been one of the very few retailers involved right from the beginning and is now one of the only Danish official Garmin Descent test centers. Let's delve into the fantastic devices from Garmin Descent.

Garmin Descent - The Dive Computer for Both Worlds. Underwater and Above Water.

MK2, MK2i, MK2s, G1, and G1 Solar are all represented in the renowned Descent series, and what they all have in common is that they are designed to be worn on your wrist around the clock. These watches accompany you on your everyday adventures in the outdoors, during your dive trips, running sessions, underwater hunting trips, serve as a payment solution at the store, and even monitor your sleep when you rest. You can customize the watch face design to match the specific occasion you're attending, and you can even change the straps using Garmin's Quickfit solution. These watches are sleek and elegant, equipped with features tailored to active enthusiasts and dedicated water sports enthusiasts.

Garmin Descent MK2i - The Ultimate Dive Buddy

All models in the Garmin Descent series possess unparalleled diving capabilities - for scuba diving, technical multi-gas diving, CCR rebreather diving, free diving, and underwater hunting. The Descent MK2i has an additional feature not found in the other models - air integration. By mounting Garmin's T1 transmitter on your regulator set, you can have your remaining air supply in the tank transmitted directly to your wrist. You can pair up to five transmitters with the same MK2i, enabling you to monitor the air in all your tanks, or even your dive buddy's, ensuring you never lose track. Unlike other manufacturers, Garmin does not use Bluetooth technology for data transmission from T1, but instead leverages SUBWAVE echo sounder technology, providing a significantly larger range of up to 10 meters.

When diving, you can navigate between various information displayed on the Descent watch screen either by using the up/down buttons or simply tapping the screen twice, making it easy to operate the watch even with thick gloves.

MK2, MK2s, and G1 - The Underwater Hunter's Best Friend

The watches in the Garmin Descent series are, to date, the most user-friendly and well-integrated devices for underwater hunting and free diving. With dedicated hunting and free diving features, these watches keep track of your depths, dive times, average times, distance covered, heart rate, and much more. The watches initiate your dive automatically and activate with increasing pressure, and they end the dive when you resurface and the watch connects with the GPS system. If you find a spot you want to return to, you can even mark the location with a single tap using the GPS on the map. During underwater hunting, you can set the watch to silent mode to avoid scaring away your prey with various alarms.

Between free diving and underwater hunting activities on the surface, a Pulse Ox sensor uses light beams on your wrist to measure how well your body absorbs oxygen.

Garmin MK2s - A Smaller Solution.

While Garmin Descent MK2 and MK2i have a large and easily readable screen with a diameter of 35.56mm and a physical size of 52mm in diameter, if you are attracted to a smaller and more minimalist design, Garmin has introduced the Descent MK2s model. This watch has exactly the same functions as the MK2 model but features a smaller screen with a diameter of 30.4mm and a physical size of 43mm in diameter. The Descent MK2s comes in three different colors - Light Gold, Mineral Blue og Carbon Grey.

G1 and G1 Solar - A Budget-Friendly Alternative

With the aim of offering a budget-friendly alternative, Garmin launched the Descent G1 and Descent G1 Solar in the spring of 2022 - both with the same features, but with solar charging as a supplement in the G1 Solar version. The watch accompanies you on all the same adventures as the other models in the series - diving, free diving, underwater hunting, SUP boarding, running, cycling, hiking, and much more, while keeping the price down thanks to a black and white screen and production in fiber-reinforced polymer.

Garmin Connect and Garmin Dive

The Descent watches are compatible with Garmin's Connect and Dive App, allowing you to control and set up your watch from your smartphone and store, review, and plan your dives in your Dive App. In the dive app, you can also share your dives with other Garmin users and seek inspiration for your next dive on the dive map.