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Buy wetsuit in insulating neoprene at Diving 2000

Wetsuits are made primarily of neoprene. There are many benefits to using this material for water sports. Neoprene is made of rubber, air and polyester. It is insulating, and with the right thickness suit you can practice water sports, go underwater hunting or diving - regardless of the temperature.

Neoprene insulates by using your body heat to heat the small air bubbles that the material contains. However, a wetsuit is not completely waterproof, and a little water will often get into the suit if, for example, you are washed in a wave.

Therefore, it is important that the suit has the right fit. The better the suit fits, the more insulating it is. If the suit does not fit, the body will find it difficult to warm it up, and therefore you will find that it cools down much faster.

Guarantee for environmentally produced wetsuits

All wetsuits in Diving 2000's range are environmentally friendly. That is, the suits are not made on petroleum like a typical suit from a hardware store. Instead, the suits are made of limestone neoprene, which is much healthier to wear. Like our other satisfied customers, you can therefore safely buy your wetsuit from us.

Wetsuits for any temperature

At Diving 2000, you will find wetsuits in many different thicknesses adapted to different purposes and temperatures.

For diving in Denmark, where the sea never gets very hot, we recommend a 7 mm wetsuit. If, on the other hand, you are going on a diving trip under warmer skies, or if you are going to snorkel at home in the summer, you can advantageously choose a thinner suit in 3 mm, a 5 mm neoprene or a shorty wetsuit.

How to maintain your wetsuit

A wetsuit is not demanding to maintain, but still needs to be washed. When you use your suit for diving or water sports, it will collect salt, chlorine and sweat. Therefore, it is important that you rinse it thoroughly in fresh water after use.

We also recommend washing the suit in neoprene shampoo, so you are sure to wash all bacteria and all dirt out of the material. Once the suit is washed, simply hang it to dry. In this way, the life and flexibility of the suit is extended.

We have tested our wetsuits.

Jan Laurenborg Olsen, the owner of Diving 2000 for the past 25 years, has tested and personally uses Scubapro's wetsuits in his daily life. They retain heat well and are highly flexible in material, which is a huge advantage. 

The most important aspect of a wetsuit is the quality of the material that comes into contact with your body. When we look at the cheapest wetsuits on the market, they are typically made of petroleum neoprene, which is certainly not healthy for your body. In many cases, this can cause severe neoprene allergies. Scubapro's Definition wetsuit series is a product that has been produced over the past 18 years and has proven to be incredibly durable while providing perfect thermal insulation.