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On this page you will find our selection of flippers for children and adults. We offer flippers in many sizes and colors as well as for several different purposes. Whether you need a training fin or a light travel fin, you will find the right flippers here.

Further down the page you can read more about our selection of flippers and the benefits of the different types of fins.

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Large selection of flippers for children and adults

At Diving 2000, we offer a large selection of flippers in the highest quality for both children and adults. Flippers are also called fins. There are many types of fins in different designs and materials that are adapted to different purposes.

The main purpose of all flippers is of course to gain more speed while swimming. The harder the blade, the greater the propulsion the fin gives you.

On the other hand, a hard blade is also harder to use: the harder the blade, the greater the resistance when you kick. If you need to be able to keep swimming for a long time, you can therefore advantageously choose softer fins with resistance reduction.

Find flippers for training, warm water diving and more

When choosing swimming feet, it is a good idea to know what you are going to use them for. For example, consider whether you should use a full foot fin or heel strap fin.

The full-foot finder is intended for use with bare toes or a thin neoprene sock and is made for warm water diving. They can therefore be used to advantage if you are going on a diving trip to a warm country.

Heel strap finder is used together with boots and is made to be able to be fastened as needed. They are necessary for diving in Denmark or other places where the water is cold or temperate.

If you are looking for fins for swimming in a pool, we recommend a training fin such as this Seac Vela. This fin is short and flexible and is specially designed for swimming in both pool and open water. At the same time, it is small and easy to carry in your luggage - therefore it can also be easily carried if you are going on a snorkeling holiday.

Need help choosing the right fins?

Do you need more information about the different fins we offer? Do as our other satisfied customers and contact us on tel. 66130049. You are also welcome to send us an email at - we look forward to helping you!

We test Fins and Swim Fins at Diving 2000

Jan Laurenborg Olsen, owner of Diving 2000 for the past 25 years, has tested a significant portion of our fins and swim fins.

If you're diving in a Drysuit, my preferred fin is definitely the Scubapro Jetfin, as it provides the necessary weight (3.2kg per pair). It will help you maintain the correct position in the water when wearing a heavy drysuit.

On the other hand, if you're diving with a Wetsuit, my preferred swim fin is the Seawing Nova. It offers extremely good propulsion without causing fatigue in the calf muscles. You'll hardly feel like you're wearing fins on your feet.